Draw Brandon Draw

Draw Brandon Draw

Hello friends, my name is Brandon.
I write and draw for comics and cartoons.

Here are some tags to look at:
Comics / Illustration / Pokemon / Teeth / Animation

You can also buy things from my big cartel store, that would be very nice of you to do. Or you can just click here to give me money. I'm not sure why you would do that, but there's the link for it.

I’m offering caricatures again!!!
(email Brandon at DrawBrandonDraw dot com for more details)

These subjects are some Twitter friends who were nice enough to pose for me so I could show you some samples.

In order of appearance:
@ AJKazlouski
@ mymilkweed
@ JeffDillTacitus
@ Teamboring

I will try to post more samples in the next few days. Thanks, BYE


Fisher Cable Hat 

A simple, cabled cap, that looks great on both men and women.  Quick and easy to knit, perfect for a beginner.  

Pattern available for free here:


© Lindsey Felice 2013

Hey, that’s me!

Lindsey (hey, that’s my wife!) started a new Tumblr where she’s going to be posting knit patterns and other stuff she’s working on. She comes from a fiber arts background so you know it’ll be good.


Brandon B is back on Slipshine

Brandon B is back on Slipshine!


Celebrating with 5 of his comics!

Welcome back, Brandon!

(Swordswung will be returning as well!)

I think it goes without saying that these comics I do for this pornographic website are not safe for work?

Anyway, hooray for more comics!!

apeterra asked:
How is at nickelodeon studios can you tell me? :)

Nickelodeon is great! They’re great to work for! But for reasons having nothing to do with the work environment, I recently resigned from my full-time position there. Everybody else on the Bad Seeds crew is still there as far as I know, and I’m sure they’d be willing to answer any questions you have about the production.

ieatllamas asked:
whoa haha. my parents used to live in vermillion. We've all moved closer to the city though.

I love Vermilion. Living in big cities is bad for my anxiety, so we bought a little house here near the water. We’re still close enough to the city that we can drive there any time we want though. Best of both worlds!